Art Deco


For this project I recreated an old light fixture off of a single photo from Google. The hardest parts of this project were creating some of the more difficult curves and figuring out the details that were not clearly shown. As an added exercise, I chose to model this fixture in such a way that it could be recreated using 3D printing. I hope to be able to include photos of that process soon.

Design Recreation


For this project I recreated the first piece of scenery I ever designed. This was a windmill created for a production of Animal Farm. The windmill must be assembled, collapse, and then be reassembled on stage so the design uses a fly or motor system to lift a central hub connected to a series of ropes to achieve these effects. As no photo's of the piece exist that I am aware of, this was a chance to explore and revisit an old concept. The hardest part of this model was the creation and positioning of the ropes. It was very difficult to get the shape natural enough.



For this project I created a series of designs inspired by Escher's Metamorphosis'. The transition from lock to key or vice versa was a bit of a challenge, and provided a lot of learning experiences. Making the shape of the lock shackle slowly transform and shift to the teeth of a key was certainly the most challenging part of this model.