Almost Maine

For this unrealized design I wanted to experiment with the idea of underscoring in theatre. I used music that I felt fit the mood and events of each scene and worked it together with the ambient sounds that the settings would have to create a soundscape for each scene.

The introductory scene of the show takes place outdoors in midwinter. The ambient sounds reflect this by featuring some light howling wind and some intermittent sounds of snow crunching. The music feature in this soundscape tries to follow the scenes mood from Calm at the beginning to a more unsure feeling toward the end.

The first scene in the show also take place outside in midwinter, in the same town, on the very same night. As such it is built on the same ambient sounds. The music follows the relationship of the two characters from their first hesitant meeting, through a rough patch in the middle, to a triumphant if rocky ending.

The second scene of the show takes place in a busy small town bar and the ambient sounds really try to capture this. You can hear people talking, bottles being opened, and even a glass or two being dropped. The music is portrayed through the lens of a kind of open mic night at the bar and follows the emotion of the main character of the scene.

The third scene takes place in a laundromat. The ambient sound captures the warm hazy feeling and sound of being in a laundry room full of running dryers. The music is a steady drone of what can only be described as elevator music that is often played in public spaces. The consistency of the music and sound offsets the abrupt and jarring nature of the scene.